Maternal + Foetal + Neonatal

Overview – Cardiorespiratory changes of pregnancy

Physiol-18B5 Describe the maternal cardiovascular changes that occur during pregnancy.

Physiol-16A3 Describe the anatomy of the neonatal airway, and what implications this has for airway management.

Physiol-15B11 Explain the mechanisms whereby oxygen transfer is facilitated at the placenta. (also Physiol-14B12; see related Physiol-12A13)

Physiol-14A15 Indicate the sequence of the physiological changes to the fetal circulation at birth and briefly describe the mechanisms that account for these changes.

Physiol-13A11 Compare and contrast lung function in the neonate with that in an adult. (also Physiol-09B10, Physiol-01B4)

Physiol-12A13 Describe the factors affecting the diffusion of gas at the placenta, including the Bohr and Haldane effects. (also Physiol-07A14, Physiol-02B16, Physiol-99A1, Physiol-90)

Physiol-10B13 Describe the cardiovascular changes in the neonate that occur at birth. (also Physiol-07B14, Physiol-01A4, Physiol-97B8)

Physiol-08A12 Describe the physiological changes that occur in respiratory function during pregnancy and what significance these changes have to anaesthesia.  (also Physiol-95A8)


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