NSAIDs / Paracetamol

Pharm-14A11 Compare and contrast the management of an overdose of aspirin with that of an overdose of paracetamol

Pharm-12A06 Describe how Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs exert their clinical effects (and side effects). Outline the advantages and disadvantages in using COX-2 selective agents (combined with Pharm-10A5; also Pharm-06B5, Pharm-02A12, Pharm-97B12).

Pharm-11B4 Describe the pathogenesis and management of paracetamol toxicity. (also Pharm-06B8, Pharm-03B5, Pharm-00A10, Pharm-1995)


Pharm-16B11 a) Briefly describe the bactericidal activity of gentamicin. Explain why it is usually administered as a single daily dose. b) Describe the potential toxic effects of gentamicin

Pharm-13B9 Using cephazolin as an example in joint replacement surgery, outline the principles of antibiotic chemoprophylaxis for surgical site infections.

Pharm-10B2 Describe the composition of 4% albumin and Normal Saline. Compare and contrast the pharmacology of each.

Pharm-10A8 Classify drugs used in the treatment of depression. Outline the interactions between antidepressant drugs and drugs that are commonly used during the perioperative period. 32%

Pharm-09B7 Outline the pharmacological management of ventricular fibrillation in an adult with reference to: drugs, dose, mechanisms of action, and potential adverse effects. (also Pharm-06B7, Pharm-05B5)

Pharm-08B6 Outline the ideal properties of a colloid intravenous fluid. Gives examples of colloids and briefly describe features of each. 41%

Pharm-05B6 Discuss the therapeutic and unwanted effects of dexamethasone. 67%

Pharm-04B3 List the effects of histamine. Write a brief outline on the pharmacology of the H1 blocking drugs. (also Pharm-01B14, Pharm-98A9)

Pharm-02B8 Outline the pharmacological effects of vasopressin 79%

Pharm-98A11 Briefly describe the pharmacological implications of the administration of a single dose of gentamicin during anaesthesia. 75%

Pharm-MAKEUP Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using 10% povidone iodine and 0.5% chlorhexidine in 70% alcohol for skin antisepsis

Pharm-MAKEUP Give example of the anaesthetic implications of using complementary or alternative medicines

Pharm-MAKEUP Describe the pharmacology of anticonvulsants relevant to pain medicine, including gabapentin and carbamazepine

Pharm-MAKEUP Outline the pharmacology of commonly encountered illicit drugs and associated anaesthetic issues


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