Antiemetics and GIT

Anti-emetic Drugs

Integrated-16B15 Briefly describe the pharmacodynamics of agents used in the treatment of post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV), with particular reference to their site of action and side effects. (also Pharm-15B6, Pharm-09B3, Pharm-05A1,Pharm-98B10)

Pharm-05B7 Briefly outline the pharmacology of droperidol, emphasizing its mechanism of action, perioperative use and side effects. (also 1994)

Pharm-05B6 Discuss the therapeutic and unwanted effects of dexamethasone.

1991 What are the properties of the ideal antiemetic? How might such a drug be evaluated clinically?

GIT Drugs

Pharm-12A03 Classify the drugs which are useful for reducing the volume and acidity of gastric contents, giving an outline of the mechanism of effect for each group. (also Pharm-98A12)

Pharm-05A6 Briefly outline pharmacological methods of reducing gastric acidity. Indicate the mechanisms of action and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. (also Pharm-02A14,Pharm-96B15)


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