Propofol Dreams – Last Update

Dear fellow Dreamers,

How time flies! It has been more than 4 years since we started Propofol Dreams and it has brought us immense joy assisting fellow trainees with the ANZCA Primary Exam.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. I am now dedicating most of my time working on exciting research projects (reducing the environmental burden of anaesthesia, machine learning algorithms and equipment design), which I hope will one day change the way clinical anaesthesia is practiced for the better! This also leaves me little time to answer recent SAQs ab initio.

If you have found propofoldreams useful then please help us keep it alive! Simply email your SAQ answers or VIVA questions to and I will edit and upload them to the website, crediting you! We really appreciate it!

Good luck + Happy dreaming!!


P.S. I am constantly conceiving new ideas for a greener and smarter future in anaesthesia. If you share similar dreams or ambitions, please drop me an email and perhaps we can collaborate and better the world together!



Propofoldreams is:

  • a collection of our study notes
  • designed to help more people pass the ANZCA Primary Exam

Propofoldreams is not:

  • a reliable source of information for patient care

Are you a propofol dreamer?

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  • If you love propofoldreams then please contribute your knowledge and SAQ answers  (email me: fuelsavinglamp AT gmail DOT com) – THANK YOU!
  • Propofoldreams is not possible without two amazing human beings (Dr GL and SW) who carried me through the ANZCA Primary – THANK YOU!
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